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Stara Zagora Stara Zagora
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  • Antique Forum Complex of Augusta Trayana

    Antique Forum Complex of Augusta Trayana

    „The too brilliant city of the Trayans“- this is how the city of Augusta Trayana was named. It was founded around year 106-107 by Marcus Ulpius Traianus. In the 2nd – 3rd century it was one of the most beautiful...

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  • Antique mosaics

    Antique mosaics

    Magnificent examples of ancient culture and art, which decorated various public and private buildings in Augusta Trayana during the period 3rd-6th century. Impressive examples of the mosaic school of the ancient city,  have survived to the present day.

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  • Churches


    Christian temples built during the Revival are  spiritual and educational centres for the Bulgarian population of the city. The first schools were established thereto. They are related to all significant events in this period. Destroyed during the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878)...

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  • State Opera – Stara Zagora

    State Opera – Stara Zagora

    The first opera outside the capital attracts the audience with its rich repertoire, international ballet company, outdoor stages and innovative art forms. It was opened on July 1, 1925 with the opening night of „Gergana Opera“. Over the years, its...

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  • Art Gallery - Stara Zagora

    Art Gallery - Stara Zagora

    Today the gallery holds a total exhibition area of ​​1,200 square metres. Gallery collection numbers over 4,000 works, divided into six divisions: "Painting", "Graphics", "Sculpture", "Icon Painting", "Renaissance Engravings", "Applied Arts". They feature works by almost all Bulgarian artists from...

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  • Geo Milev Drama Theatre

    Geo Milev Drama Theatre

    „Geo Milev“ Drama Theatre is an iconic cultural institute in the city, standing out as a real spiritual centre. The patron it adopted is the renowned poet Geo Milev, whose life destiny is permanently bonded to Stara Zagora.


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  • State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora

    State Puppet Theatre – Stara Zagora

    Puppetry in Stara Zagora has a long history and rich traditions. Memories of generations keep its funny stories and fairy tales alive, and the rich and diverse repertoire of Stara Zagora Puppet Theatre every year grabs the hearts of more...

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  • Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev Park

    Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev Park

    One of the largest and most attractive parks in Stara Zagora is the park „Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev“, which is often called „Ayazmoto“. Legends have been spread about it since time immemorial, and its greatest treasure is hidden deep among the...

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  • Defenders of Stara Zagora Memorial Complex

    Defenders of Stara Zagora Memorial Complex

    The memorial complex recreates the Samara flag - one of the most important military symbols of Bulgaria, defined as a national sanctuary. The memorial complex was erected in remembrance of the heroic and tragic events that have befalled the city...

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