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Stara Zagora Stara Zagora
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  • Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev Park

    Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev Park

    One of the largest and most attractive parks in Stara Zagora is the park „Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev“, which is often called „Ayazmoto“. Legends have been spread about it since time immemorial, and its greatest treasure is hidden deep among the...

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  • Bedechka Park

    Bedechka Park

    In the park „Bedechka“, there is a narrator of old legends about our past. Once upon a time, more than five centuries ago, the seed of the century-old plane tree was planted, which has witnessed so many events in our...

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  • October 5 Park

    October 5 Park

    The city garden, or the park „October 5“ has a special place in the heart of every resident of Stara Zagora as well as of the city itself. Named after the date of the most important event - the laying...

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  • Artileriyski Park

    Artileriyski Park

    The newest green space of the city is „Artileriyski“ park. Before the park was built, the old artillery barracks were located here. With its area of 70 acres, it pleases the eye with its young trees and abundance of flowers....

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  • Yordan Kapsamunov Park

    Yordan Kapsamunov Park

    Park "Yordan Kapsamunov" pays tribute to one of the most prominent citizens of Stara Zagora – the Mayor of the city in the period from 1952 to 1962. The construction and cultural activities were booming in the city during his...

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  • Trakiya Park

    Trakiya Park

    One of the old parks in Stara Zagora, „Trakiya“ park is located next to the 5th Primary School„Mityo Stanev. Everyone can find their place here – the size of Thrace corresponds to the opportunities of this park. Children have the...

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  • Zelen klin Park

    Zelen klin Park

    „Zelen klin“ park is a natural extension of „Bedechka“ park. It was renovated under the „Beautiful Bulgaria “ Program and for more than a decade it pleases the people of Stara Zagora by providing them with a place to walk,...

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