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Stara Zagora Stara Zagora
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International film festival “The Golden Linden”

The international film festival “The Golden Linden” will take place from 27th to 31th of May, 2023. The film programme includes a total of 48 new movies by European authors with one surprise- during the five-day festival, a short animated movie will be created by children, which will be presented at the closing ceremony.
There will be a free admission to everyone who wants to see the screenings, thanks to the exclusive partnership and support of Stara Zagora Municipality in the face of our Mayor- Mr. Zhivko Todorov and the Deputy Mayor of Culture, Tourism and Youth Activities- Mrs. Milena Zheleva.
The 10th edition of the festival will offer its audience many interesting films, which will be screened at Stara Zagora State Opera, the Cultural Centre and the Regional Library “Zahari Knyazheski”.  

Calendar 27 Май - 31 Май

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